An Open Letter from the Founders of

Cat and Dog with Santas Claus hats

Merry Christmas Folks 🙂

Christmas as many would agree is a festival of gifting and expressing gratitude towards your loved ones. Fun, revelry and merriment are some of the best adjectives which define the festival and yes it’s so very colourful.

It had been a year and half when we first began our operations and so far our journey had been pretty eventful. On this occasion of Christmas we would like to express gratitude towards our customers who played a pivotal role in defining who we are today. For a company that barely catered to 1-2 orders a day in the initial month has grown up by leaps and bounds to be the number one destination atleast when it comes to shopping for pet accessories and designer pet apparels. Each and every customer, be it one time buyers or regular ones have proved themselves as the Santa of our business. And why not? We at took a great deal of pride in catering to every single order for your pampered pooches. In the last year and half you kept showering us with your orders which only strengthened our belief system to work even harder. And that’s one of the reasons why we don’t hold any hesitation in addressing you as the Santa of our business.

We always believed in giving something back to the society of animals that are most neglected. We at do a very strong level of advocacy to adopt stray animals. Our Indi dogs and cats are truly a breed apart. PetsGOnuts is a sum total of our hard work and the undying passion that we hold towards the welfare of stray animals. Our Metropolitan Anti Rabies Movement is a constant proof that we shell out a chunk of our profits for the welfare of stray animals. If you’re planning to own a pet, consider a stray mongrel or feline cat. Please remember a breed dog doesn’t add value to your status symbol, but it’s the responsible parenting towards animals which goes in to show your real class.

THANK YOU FOLKS. Our heart goes out to you and your extended family of pets. Merry Christmas once again and as the New Year inches closer we shall keep our fingers crossed so that your pets always lead a healthier life.

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Abhishek Bhowmick


You Give us Love, We Shall Spread Much Love


We are a young company. We are not ashamed to call ourselves a toddler in the world of ecommerce. Yes we are. But the biggest differentiating factor between and other well settled daddies is the spirit in our work.

We ventured into this business merely out of passion. Two of the directors were well settled at their respective jobs in the media. It was the love for animals which got them into this business. Doing rescue of animals on the streets, administering first aid to injured strays and finding homes for unwanted mongrels were some of the things we specialized at. Have you had asked us about the mindset of a pet owner at then we would have been zonked.  We had absolutely no sense until a couple of years ago. But yes we are getting wiser and wiser with every passing day. Our repeat customers truly serve testimony of the fact that we are on the right track. We started understanding our customers and now we know what products we should get in store for them. Thank you folks.

Now you may be thinking why a bunch of people who loved stray animals came up with the idea of starting an e-store for pet owners. Well the answer is simple. We take pride in addressing ourselves as philanthropists and visionaries first. We are businessmen later. To spread our wings in rescuing more stray animals, we simply wanted to set up a profitable venture out which could support us in our cause. We felt why not get into the business of serving the pampered ones at home. Why not money come to us from people who love animals just the way we do. Here’s what differentiates us from rest of the daddies.

More than 35 stray animals are well fed every day with quality dog food every single day.

Around a dozen of stray animals are lodged at our expenses across different animal shelters for a lifetime. They are the special ones who have nowhere to go, either abused by people or crippled or are terminally ill.

All dogs in our custody are annually vaccinated with anti rabies and 9 in 1 vaccines.

We do a high amount of advocacy in adopting stray dogs who make wonderful pets and seldom fall sick. In fact they are the only breed who possesses traits of both companion as well as watch dogs. Truly Indian Pariah is a breed apart. If it wasn’t for them, would have never existed.

As we taste a new peg of success each day, we love to share experiences with our customers. So do you believe in supporting a company like ours? If you do then make the next purchase for your pets from


Tasting the Sweet Success

What started as a brainchild of three motivated individuals is now a fully operational venture in the e-com arena. We are not only cateting to a very niche segment, but a very beloved segment something which is close to our hearts. That’s pets. Yes, we are proud to say that is now sailing in the deep sea. Gone are the days when our sales and marketing team kept refreshing the ‘customer order’ panel almost every minute to see what’s the next order coming our way. But now things are fairly different. Most of them have started looking after the operational bit like packaging, delivery and quality check.

Visit our office cum warehouse someday and there’s always a chaotic atmosphere out there. Every time there’s a new order a whistle is blown up by our admin director. The invoice of the order is pinned up at the giant leader board. Then all products in the order are segregated at the packaging unit. One of the supervisors monitor the packaging to ensure none of the things get damaged in transition. Only after the all products in the order are safely packed in the sound seal or bubble wrap the invoice is inserted in the consignment. The net weight of the parcel is measured to select the most economical shipping partner for transit. Just the way we greet our customers on emails saying our patented ‘Woof woof,’ out here every time a parcel steps out every member in our office has to ritualistically bid farewell to the consignment with the same woof woof. You may find it funny but our core founders believed that by doing this you are straightway sending out your vibes to the customers. You are making a connection and there’s a certain amount of energy exchange that’s taking place. Every parcel that goes out of holds our ‘thank you card’ and a hand written message that reads, ‘wish your pet a healthy life ahead.’ And why not? We owe every bit of our business to the canine world. It’s because of their love we have been fortunate enough to come this far.

On a closing note we at would like to extend our heart felt thanks to all our customers who ordered from us, all those who have been regularly ordering and also to those who are yet to make a purchase but still visit our site to check the wide array of products. Love you folks and your pampered ones. Now for this time let us make some noise. WOOF WOOF…

The Birth of – India’s Beloved Online Pet Store

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We are a couple of months old and slowly building up on a huge database of pet owners across India. Some of the repeat visitors on our site often asked us a question, “how did India’s beloved online pet store come into existence, whose brainchild it was to come up with an e-commerce website and is it easy catering to a niche segment like pets and many other questions? This post is dedicated to all those inquisitive minds.

petsGOnuts E-business Sense Pvt. Ltd is the parent name of the company owned by 3 individuals. Coming from diverse media background, these 3 individuals wanted to make it big in e-commerce which is expected to pick up by leaps and bounds by 2020. Still the question remains – why pets? Two out of the three founders of the company were really touched to see compassion of one of their fellow colleagues who is an avid animal lover. He is 30 something, well built and most importantly knows how to hammer the inflictors of animal cruelty. Many of you would well be aware of Abhishek Bhowmick and his love for animals. If not, just google it. Abhishek joined them as the third founder on a condition that a part of the profits would go in the well being of stray animals. To make the website functional these 3 young men started off in high spirits.

As a start up company with limited to no background about the industry dynamics they took this daring step. To be very honest they did a limited research about the industry. All of them were so kicked up with the idea of starting a portal that in absolutely no time they were all set to go. Personal savings and investments was made in quick time. The vendor for making the website was finalized. A lot of thought process and brain-storming went while freezing on the name of the website. Finally the trio had zeroed in to – a name which rhymes and can appeal to the upmarket segment of the TG.

If you ask the trio of founders what does petsGOnuts mean, here’s what they have to say.

  • A company that believes in catering every pet owner with products which their pets would fall in love with
  • Bring a smile on the face of pet owners with stress free shopping experience and products offered at an unmatched price (promise to be the lowest in the industry)
  • Lastly, make all pets of this planet go nuts with a wide range of products from national as well as international markets

We don’t believe in boasting ourselves. Compassion, modesty and humility have been our disciplines from a very long time. We are not No. 1, but trying very hard to serve our small but ever increasing data base of pet owners to the best of our ability. On the very first day with the launch of our website, we received a few orders from a few trusted friends and pet owners. They spread the word of mouth among their peer groups and on second week, we received 2 to 3 orders every single day. It’s the love of our consumers which keeps us going. By the end of second week, one of our customers submitted a testimonial and mentioned as “India’s Beloved Online Pet Store.” Accepting it as a token of gift today we position ourselves with this tagline. So want to see your pets going nuts?

Log onto India’s beloved online pet store – you know the address pretty well,
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